Create your apps without code

Set up your application flow without developers. Drag and drop blocks in your flow and connect them. Create powerful apps in minutes.


Context-based help and guidance

Get help and guidance everywhere in Centrldesk with contextual video how-tos and onboarding tips, guided in-app tutorials based on templates and integrated help articles with best practices.


Collaborate with your team

Invite your team to workspaces, assign roles and start collaborating. Use multiple workspaces to organize your applications.


Guide teammates

Build your own user interfaces by drag and drop. Set up input fields, show charts or data tables, perform actions and use your data. Share your applications and guide your team through your process.


Make documents smart

Import your documents, select dynamic content and assign inputs. Connect your templates in your application flows for automatic document generation.


Get your tasks solved

Create your own logic. The Block libraries include many functions for math, text, date and more. See your logic in action with live preview values in real-time.


Make your data usable 

Connect or import your data, integrate data in your application flows and store your results. One platform to make your systems and data sources work together for your daily business.

Try yourself and start creating - it's free!

Centrldesk is free to use for teams of any size - we also offer paid plans for additional services.

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