We're empowering business users to create applications on their own.


Meet our founding team


Marco Radzio


Marco is an experienced entrepreneur and aerospace engineer. He brings wide knowledge through his extensive experience in graphical software modeling and autocode generation from the aerospace industry to Centrldesk.

Enterprise Customers

Frank Brennecke


Frank is an expert in complex documentation. As an automation engineer, he advises large companies on airworthiness and safety. Frank's in-depth knowledge and insights flow into Centrldesk and have significantly shaped the product.


Gerd Bröker


Gerd is a software engineer and head of development at Centrldesk. His passion is the design, architecture and development of highly complex and demanding software based on the latest technologies. Through great vision and decades of experience, Gerd makes a significant contribution to Centrldesk and leads the software engineering and technology decisions.


Sebastian Reich


Sebastian is a software engineer and architect with more than 20 years of experience in complex and large software projects. Sebastian led global implementation projects based on many different software solutions and integration of enterprise technologies. With his unique experience, he is now steering the operations in the company and the implementation of Centrldesk to create a visionary solution for end-user experience and business needs.

Our Story

The founding team experienced a gap of solution and technology when creating complex and time-consuming documentation. The idea of the neXT® solution for automatic creation of dynamic documents was born. The first focus was based on the requirements and customer needs of the aerospace industry.

In discussions with customers and partners across various industries, a more fundamental problem was identified. Every solution deployment and adoption to business needs bind developer resources. This led to the Centrldesk mission:

Empower business users to create apps on their own.


Forms evolve to Pages and additional features such as data processing, visual charts, and integrations help business users to create even more powerful web applications without writing a single line of code.




Centrldesk is introducing comfortable graphical modeling and easy-to-use editors. Business users can automate their daily work and share their flows with teammates. Runnable apps are set up in minutes without developers and can be used directly.




The Centrldesk platform is launched to combine all technologies in one scalable and more accessible product for customers. Based on the experiences and feedback of our journey Centrldesk is enabling customers to digitize their flow of work.




The demand for storing the captured data and bringing existing data from legacy systems together resulted in a customer-specific and flexible database structure. Customers could now configure the relations of the data and create corresponding forms.




The customer feedback drives the InterviewAgent technology for dynamic form generation.




Our first core technology neXT® is serving first customers by document generation and contract automation.




Based on customer needs for airworthiness documentation we started our journey and built a demonstrator. 



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