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What’s new in Centrldesk: July 2022

The new localization and formatting options are great to operate in multiple countries 🗺️

Localization and formatting options

The new localization options for workspaces, flows, and documents make it easy to create localized documents with a specific date, time, and number formatting. They are also a great enhancement for global businesses.

The easy-to-use formatting and parse blocks can automatically apply the locale and have predefined formatting options. They can also be configured to use specific localizations and custom-defined formats.

The localized formatting option is available for dates as well as numbers. The date formatting can be configured to use preferred date and time representation. Numbers can be formatted to use grouping and limit the number of digits.

This makes the creation of localized information and documents even faster and Centrldesk an ideal platform for businesses that operate in multiple countries.

Localized formatting options are available right now for the following blocks:

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