How to use a workspace

In this video, you will learn to use a workspace in Centrldesk.

In this video, you will learn how to use a workspace.


Centrldesk is all about flows. Flows are executable applications, so-called apps. They automate your daily work.

In the workspace view, you can manage your flows. Flows consist of individual flow components, for example, a graphical user interface called form, document processing, or storage.


  1. The Flows you can run are in the center.
  2. On the Button 'Run Flow' you can start the Flow.
  3. You can edit the Flow in the Flow Editor by clicking on the button with the pen icon.
  4. The Button with the three dots will let you personalize or delete the Flow.
  5. Click on the 'Create Flow' Button to create a new Flow from scratch.
  6. To browse all your Flow Components in this Workspace click on 'Browse Flow Components'.
  7. Prebuild Templates can be found by clicking on the Button 'Use Template'.
  8. To navigate back to other pages you can click in this title bar. To go back to all Workspaces overview click Workspaces.

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